Hello world,

the past week was incredibly exhausting, that is why I could not upload any content although I also have to admit that I also didn’t really feel like doing it anyways.

Anyways, here are some snaps I got the last time I saw my brother. This time I did no editing.

I header was taken last night at a festival. This was taken with my phone but the sky made such a beautiful view I couldn’t help but use the only device available to capture this beauty ❤


Hello there!



IMG_4826 cut








University & Sergio

First of all, I would like to thank Sergio, a fellow 9gagger, for his kind message. I already replied that this means a lot but I cannot emphasize this enough. THANK YOU! Your message was actually the first I received through this page. Your kind words encouraged me to post this today and not tomorrow, as initially planned.

IMG_2989 b

Today, Arthur and I met up at his university to document more of his daily life. Although I didn’t attend a lecture I think I was able to capture moments that show Arthur as he is; cheerful, happy and a smoker.

I got to meet some of his friends at the university who are all very kind. The camera made Arthur look like a celeb and the word on the street was spread rapidly. Even strangers approached us because they had heard about the project.

Shooting this publicly was weird for my brother at first but after a while he and his friends got used to the clicking sounds. I turned off my flash because I didn’t want to disturb people any more than I already did just with my presence and following every step. Arthur knew it would take some time getting used to the camera but I feel like he made a huge progress today. The photographs seem more natural to me already, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

IMG_2957 b
Be smart, don’t start!
IMG_2958 b
Arthur having a good conversation…
IMG_2960 b
… and Arthur having a good smoke I guess
IMG_2961 b
Arthur making smoking look cool again
IMG_2990 b
Arthur roaming the halls of his faculty.
IMG_2997 b
Arthur hoping he got new matches on Tinder.
IMG_2973 b
Arthur talking.
IMG_2970 b
Arthur listening.
IMG_2979 b
The exact moment Arthur said he still hasn’t gotten used to the camera.
IMG_2974 b
Trying to ignore the camera while listening to the conversation.
IMG_3063 b
Not staged.
IMG_3053 b
Trying out different edits. I have to admit this makes him look kinda sick.
IMG_3033 b
Another style I wanted to try.
IMG_3111 b
Mid-yawn stretching.
IMG_3120 b
Arthur realizing what he just swallowed might not have been Chilli con carne.