The idea

What started as a romance at a young age now has evolved to be a life-saver; the romance between photography and me. I am Susanne, one of Arthur’s little sisters. It’s me who is behind the camera. I’ve had this idea for a little while now and due to either fortunate or unfortunate (the choice is yours) circumstances, I finally got around to bring this idea to life.

My photography fling started really early when I got my first camera for my eigth birthday. Nothing fancy, but enough to explore the fascinating world of this art. Films had to be developed at the store back then (This makes me feel old). As a rather adventurous kid I always pictured myself of running through the jungle with my camera, travelling the world and never losing that sense of adventure. Cute, right? I had always taken pictures of my friends and my activities reached the summit during an exchange year abroad but soon after my return home, my passion had cooled off. I was busy with ‘enjoying my life’. However, I always kept an eye on photography.

Long story short, it was just recently that I had a nervous break-down the day before my 27th birthday when I went to a store in Spain and saw a DSLR displayed. Not because I wanted it, but because it reminded me of somebody I used to know: Myself. The direction my life was headed wasn’t what I had in mind as a kid.

After a long stretch of jobs I tried I thought becoming a doctor would be my dream, but that day at the store in Spain made me realize that med school had changed me to beyond recognition and that I missed the old me. My wonderful boyfriend gave me my very first DSLR for Christmas and this was a life-saver. Not only did he give me a very expensive camera but also he gave me joy and ambition, both had been missing for a long time. Ever since I got to shoot a little, it felt like I had been brought back to life just a little more. I gave med school another try for two months but it felt as though I were letting the old me down. I owed it to that little blond girl from back in the 90ies to pursue my biggest dream. So here I am.

Why Arthur?

There are many reasons Arthur is the perfect fit.

  1. He is my brother and he kind of couldn’t say no because family comes first.
  2. Arthur’s twin brother M. wouldn’t partake.
  3. They’re indentical twins so no loss, lol.
  4. My friends think he’s handsome. (I don’t, he’s my brother. Ew!)
  5. Arthur fully consented.
  6. He is single and hopes that this will increase his chance of finding the love of his life.
  7. We live kind of close together and we hang out all the time.
  8. The most important reason: We know each other so well he doesn’t act around me. He can be himself.
  9. He supports me.
  10. Arthur’s life is quite interesting and I am hoping to express this through my photos.


Just Arthur?

No, I guess not. A lot of Arthur, yes. We will see where this will take us.