Arthur who?


IMG_2650 bearb

Arthur was born as the younger twin in 1983. Despite the fact that the twins are identical, their looks have evolved to be unique and different from each other. However, there still is a certain resemblence one cannot deny but Arthur and his twin brother M. grew up to be individuals. I guess one would think they are brothers, not twins. My sister and I just recently looked at pictures and telling them apart was impossible. This has changed tremendously once they hit puberty and went to different schools. Our parents successfully made sure that they were perceived as individuals, not as twins. Arthur and M. wore different hair styles once they started school. Their attire was similar, but different e.g. they wore the same style, but different colours.

We all grew up in a small town. Arthur is the younger brother to M. and the (young) older brother to me and my sister.

One year, Arthur dyed his hair blonde and I remember my sister’s 12th or 13th birthday as a remarkable memory to his hair. He walked through the hallway and all the girls started screaming hysterically when they saw him. It was the time of boy bands and his striking blonde caught everyone’s attention. Arthur and M. are six years older than me.

Arthur and I agreed to bring this project to life because I needed it and he is looking for love. Yes, he is single. No, there is nothing wrong with him. His family is pretty cool, too. We’re all very close. I guess it’s because our extended family mostly lives abroad. Our parents migrated from the Netherlands.

Since we have a similar taste in music, I would say his taste is excellent. My boyfriend begs to differ. Arthur likes alternative, indie, 80ies, acoustic music. We both have a thing for 80ies music. (Especially ‘Tears for fears – Everybody wants to rule the world’.)

Arthur can get along with just anybody. As his little sister it’s my job to say that he has a way to annoy me from time to time, lol. He sometimes likes to rhyme and sing just to annoy not only me but also our friends. I perceive my brother as a loyal person. He is reliable and I can always count on him.

One would say he’s a free spirit. Rather than rushing into the job market, he decided to take things slow and enjoy life while it lasts. His major is geophysics. Sounds pretty nerdy, huh? It is. He tried a couple of things before, but his heart has always been set on subjects that include physics. Although he does nerdy things, I always imagine him standing out as the hippie in lectures. He has a passion for flying and anything aviation-related. Shopping isn’t his thing (unless I’m paying). Neither is dancing. I would say this is his biggest insecurity although it really shouldn’t be.

He recently picked up Yoga. His hobbies include being a model for me (most recent hobby he picked up), reading about biochemistry, travelling (backpacking), improving foreign language skills and he recently got into ‘the sience’ behind stock markets. Arthur always wants to be able to understand things, that’s why he gathers as much information as possible once he comes across a new field of interest. Currently undergoing a major diet change, he got into cooking as well. Unfortunately, I cannot tell whether his cooking is good or not because I usually end up taking over as he tends to be somewhat of a messy chef. He is not a vegetarian but doesn’t eat a lot of meat. My brother meditates as often as he can. Fun fact: He does not like cheese.

Dogs >love< Arthur. He seems to have this attracting aura that keeps them walking up to him. It’s safe to say that this happens at least twice a week. He loves dogs as well but doesn’t own one.

‘Penny pincher’ would be a good expression to describe his spending habbits – at least when it comes to attire and splurging. Arthur usually wears out his clothes until they mysteriously *cough* disappear. He likes to go out to drink and have a good time but dining out is reserved for rare occasions. (I don’t know whether or not this would change if he had a girlfriend.) He takes his warehouse job on the side very seriously and never misses a day of work. He usually works on Sundays.

All of our friends describe him as the glue that sticks the group together. If it weren’t for him, none of us would’ve met. Arthur likes to drink beer and hang out, especially in summer he wants to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather in good company.

As his baby sister, I of course wish for him to meet a nice girl that can accept him for who he is – including his perks and his flaws.


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