Twin Arthur is born

In case you do not feel like reading ‘The idea’, here’s a short summary:

My brother Arthur, who is an identical twin to our brother M., has agreed to partake in this project that isn’t just about the art form of photography. This project means so much more to me than anyone could ever imagine. This project is my salvation, my medicine, my anti-depressant.

We will work on more pictures to publish. Our main goal is to achieve natural pictures. Luckily, my brother is comfortable around me and doesn’t have to act. We don’t want staged pictures. That is why he was so kind to agree to being joined by me and my camera in his daily life.

I would like to invite you to join us on this journey that will give you an insight into Arthur’s fascinating life.

IMG_2597 bearb
Meet Arthur!
IMG_2345 bearb
Arthur drinking coffee, proudly wearing the shirt he got from our sister’s university. We are very proud.
IMG_2446 Bearb
The twin being humble.
IMG_2401 Neu
Arthur likes to meditate as often as he can.

IMG_2576 bear

IMG_2594 bear
Arthur starting to get annoyed with all this photo nonsense.
IMG_2516 bearb
Talking about biochemistry because that’s his thing. He likes to get informed about biochemical processes just to annoy his youngest sister (me) with it.

IMG_2457 bearb

IMG_2297 bearb
Arthur really not feeling the camera at all. It takes a little while to get used to. We quit after this lost shot.

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